Why my account on forum shows this?

Hello everyone. I was seeing my account (don’t know why) but I found out this:
Why does it show that my account was active on a different device I haven’t even used in New York, US? I am not even there. Other Windows Computer and Android Device is me, but these 2 devices, what are they? Is my account hacked?

It’s a list of Devices and locations from where you’re visiting the forum

Yeah but I am only visiting with the two of 'em. Not the two from the middle.

Don’t know make sure you’re not using any VPN or Hide my ip or something like that if none of this cases ask some moderator to investigate.

Is Privacy Badger, Hide My IP? But if that was the case, one of the US device should’ve been active when I took the screenshot.

These locations are based off publicly available details on IP addresses. These are not guaranteed locations, just the locations listed by the service providers.

There isn’t anything we can do from a moderation standpoint, but if you have concerns about your password/account being breaxhed, you will need to change your password and ensure you have enabled two factor authentication on your account.

(for anyone reading this thread. If you don’t have TFA enabled here or anywhere, you accounts are inherently insecure and need to enable it)