Why upgrading to pixi.js 5.2.1 instead of the latest?

With respect, why upgrading to the half-year old pixi.js-legacy@5.2.1 instead of the latest? Is it easier to maintain (like an LTS release) ? Is v5.3.1 not stable enough? I want to know.
Thank you

Do not worry they will not upgrade to 5.2.1!
Only the trello and PR title is still from early March when 5.2.1 was the last version.

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When the pr began it was the latest version :slight_smile: but I think 5.3.0 was used in the end as it added the bitmap font autogeneration thing that could potentially make it possible to only use bitmap text and fix the blurry text.

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5.3.1 is planned don’t worries about that, It’s the lastest ! :slight_smile:

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As mentioned above, the next release of GD5 will be on PixiJS 5.3.0. 5.3.1 will likely be sometime (relatively) shortly after that. Migrating to V5, as far as I know, was much more intensive than the next step upgrade will be.