Why wasn't GDevelop GameJam #2 announced on the forum?

As the title asks, why hasn’t the GDevelop GameDev Jam #2 been advertised or announced on the forum? I’d have thought it would be a good place to promote it.

I don’t use Discord much at all - mainly because the conversations are all mixed together and a message might be to a reply to another message 3 screens up. So a heads up in the forum wouldn’t go amiss.


Agreed. I just remembered it yesterday when someone posted their jam entry on the forum, had a look at the theme, liked it, and decided to make a game for it despite the loss of time.

Yeah I’m doing the same. It’ll be a rush job, but hopefully playable…

I’m not aware of any specifics, but I’ve flagged this to staff for awareness.

Hey! Sorry this was an oversight. We’ve been so concentrated on the YouTube video/discord/social media posts that we forgot about the forum.

I suggest you check if your GDevelop account is linked to your main email address/one you often use because we also sent an email announcement. We’ll make sure to have a checklist with the forum for next time.

Hope you can still take part and have fun :slight_smile:


I think the teams for the Youtube, discord, and here on the form may not be all be the same? and so the conversation was not had to have it made as an announcement, I’m not sure, just a guess.