Wiki feedback for While, For each, Repeat

Hi, I’ve seen mention of While, For each and Repeat here in the forums but didn’t know how to access them. I now know it’s from right clicking the condition and selecting add other. Or using the event add icon which I hadn’t ever done.

The wiki explains a bit about each of these things but not how to actually access them. And yes, the events wiki page does show a picture of the add an event icon with the different types listed. But there’s a good chance that by the time new users need these types of things, they have forgotten the add icon image from the events wiki that they read on day one. Well I had anyway. But this picture is how I eventually found out how to find them.


And when I was reading the While wiki I got even more confused in my search for how to do it because the picture shows a trigger once condition and not a While condition. So then I wasn’t even sure if While was an actual thing and was I looking for something that doesn’t exist.

Here is the picture from the While wiki page:

From what I understand is that the “variable gameover = 1” is a while condition.
Because while the game over variable is 1, the sub event below will be triggered once.

You are looking at an old version of the article, but even with the new version, it’s still not a valid screenshot. It looks like someone added a screenshot without changing any of the content late last year.

I’ve added an really quick/rough updated screenshot.


I also took a look at the Events page. As far as I see, it explicitly talks about the different types of events at the top, then talks about how events work, and then talks about adding the event types below that. That order seems fine and is probably important since people shouldn’t add events before understanding how they work. (events in general, not special events)

I went ahead and added clarification to the Events page by naming the sections (rather than having each of them as a primary header) and moving the event types to the bottom of the page. However, the event type pages are meant just as reference for what those event types are, so steps on how to add them wouldn’t be added to each page as that reproduces the content in the main events page. They should all link back to the events page, though. I’ll review those later to see if there’s a better way to indicate that.

Thank you Silver-Streak for putting a relevant screenshot into the While page. I checked the old versions and the incorrect screenshot example was put in the wiki page in 2018 and has stayed there until now. And unfortunately I mistakenly forgot to change back to the current version when I put the link to the events page in my post.

I agree that the Events wiki page is fine. And I understand that you don’t want repetition on the While etc pages, but I’ll continue to disagree with that, haha. I see no harm in making things as clear as possible, especially as GDevelop is, by its nature, attracting an audience of people who are new to game dev stuff.

Sorry. I was looking at the actual filename on the editor view. Someone overwrote a previous screenshot last year. I can’t see the old revision, but my bet is it was actually valid before.

We definitely don’t want repeated content anywhere in the wiki, because if a process changes, editors will be VERY unpikely to find other places it was listed as.

That said, I think I will go through the special event types and add some text and a link back to the main events article section about adding an event.

Edit: To add more context, having a link that leads back to good information is only one more click to get the full correct info. Duplicating the information on a page could lead to a user having bad information forever.

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