Wiki int > round*

Hi there, I wanted to ask whether or not I am correct, but in the wiki page: … _reference
it shows:

[b]int/b Round to integer. Rounds A to the closest integer. 0.5 is rounded to 1.

Should this be round instead of int?

Have you tested it in GD?, the sources show that “int”, “rint” and “round” functions call the “Round” function, in both native and web platforms:

I have not tested it, but it’s interesting that we can use multiple functions (maybe we should mention that on the wiki?). :slight_smile: Thanks for that note. What caused me to ask this question is that in gdevelop expression editor you will see Round() used. However, Round( ) is not mentioned in the wiki page. So if a user is checking this wiki page to see more about the Round() function, he/she will have to assume that Int() description corresponds to Round() description.