Wiki / Manual / tutorials: Is there somenthing out there?

congrats for this powerful open source project!
I’m using GdevApp for a series of workshop and I’m interested on supporting the software development. I updated my account type to pro but I could also help with some thing else. I’m looking for manuals and tutorials and while there is a lot of good stuff about Gdevelops, I could find very few information about the online/ipad version.
Can you point me to manuals and tutorials for GDevApps?
Is there any manual that explains the different properties of the objects? (Like sprite.width() etc.)
Maybe I can help to organize a bit the information.
Thank you a lot and keep the hard work going!

Everything is here ^^, Gdevelop and Gdevapp are pretty similar, and documentations are the same, from what i know. Gdevapp is just limited to HTML 5 platform.

For methods, like “.Width()”, idk if there is specific documentation, there are explained, quickly, in expression editor ( when you use Gdevelopp. Help would be appreciated if you want to write some documentation about it.

There is also some information on Github:

Ups sorry thought you were looking for info about the game engine itself.