Wiki page explaining how to align text

I know how to align a single line of text (using position), but I only just discovered the ‘align’ actions that also let you align multi-line text.

I wonder if a new wiki page explaining the difference and providing examples of each would be useful…? If so, can I just go ahead and create one? If so, how do I create a new page?

If you wan to create a new page do this:
And click the + button

where newpage is the slug of your new page for instance I created this Publish your game to [GDevelop wiki]

But what you can do is edit an old one like
and add the new info you want.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @UlisesFreitas. That’s such a weird system (navigating to a non-existent page in order to create it)…

Here’s the wiki page I created: How to align text [GDevelop wiki]

And I linked to it from here: GDevelop 5 tutorials [GDevelop wiki]


Nice, thanks for your contribution.

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