"will finish soon" problem

Hello, I tried recently to make a build of my project which is nearing completion. I seem to have run into a wall as the message “should finish soon” has been looping and stuck on for over 2 days. I saw another forum topic like this and the only reply was “the online server must be down right now” I checked all my pc & windows updates too. is anyone else having this problem? whats is the longest this has been happening? tips?

usually it doensn’t take so long, try exporting again and forget this compilation

thanks for replying, I tried making a new one…again 2 days later and still says “should finish soon”

is strange, maybe you could try another account?

awesome! I tried a new email and account and it worked! thanks for the help:grinning:

maybe is something wrong with the other account. Sometimes I get logged out and have to log again