Will GDevelop and games made on it remain usable on Windows 7 in the future too?


Are there are plans on making GDevelop or the games I make and compile on it to desktop platform stop working on Windows 7 in the future?

I’ve heard that GDevelop uses Electron and I’ve encountered multiple situations where apps that rely on it were arbitrarily rendered inoperable despite them working fine prior. (Steam, Vortex mod manager, etc.)

P.S. Please don’t lecture me on windows 7 end of life bs. I don’t want to hear it.

Yes. Eventually browsers and electron will stop running on Windows 7, and so will GDevelop, just due to continual technology updates. There’s no planned dates or anything, although if any major security hole is found it may happen sooner.

This will be no different than when software stopped supporting Windows XP, and similarly 32 bit OSes (e.g. 32 bit Windows 7 is already no longer supported)

Edit: to be br clear, in theory you would still be able to use old versions of GDevelop that still worked even if newer versions no longer worked, but you would not get any newer features/fixes, old versions do not get any support through the forums/github/discord, and eventually the GDevelop cloud services wouldn’t work for them if/when changes ever occur.

This is a very weird statement to make because you are explicitly asking about something related to Windows 7 end of life. You should probably reevaluate how you approach this information since it is part of the equation anyway.

Ok I can live with that. Are old version still downloadable from somewhere and how do I prevent them from auto-updating?

I just want a stable version of GDevelop that doesn’t update and works fine enough to make a full game from start to end.

Its isn’t wierd. Windows 11 is a mess and there are some concerns over MS’s claims about window 7’s vulnurabilities, along with their aggressive push to eliminate backwards compatibility. win 11’s requirement to need a TPM on a computer has forced millions of fully functional hardware to be sent to the dumping grounds, contributing to ecological damage and waste on an industrial scale.

There’s also the troubling fact that MS is closely working with the chinese government to support their authoritarian oppression. They go as far as to preinstall tiktok - a well known malware and spyware - on every windows 11 machine. If that doesn’t worry you, you may not realize just how bad things are in the world. Theres a good reason tiktok is facing a potential ban from the US right now.

All releases are kept on the github release page. Everything dating back to 2014, I believe. Releases · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

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Thanks, this will be adequate.

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