Will GDevelop keep support C/C++ extension?

I already discussed with others in Discord, but I got the suggest to talk this topic in Forum.

I am working on rewrite a Flash game to HTML5, but I plan to support Mod to allow the player can create their customized content in the new version.

But this game is an online multiplayer game, so I have to limit player’s Mod to access the game core to break the game rule. To isolation the player Mod and game core, I think the best way is to embed a scripting language (ex. Lua, mruby) inside it.

Currently, I am working on my framework, but it takes too much time. So the GDevelop may be another option to help me speed up the progress. And I have to check for the plan of WebAssembly support before I start to move my progress to GDevelop.

Ping @4ian the développer of GDevelop

Not sure what you have exactly in mind, but wasm is “supported” (as much as it’s supported in browsers) yes.
In your case though if you want to embed a scripting language, you’ll have to figure this out by yourself.

Thanks for your answer. My plan is to create a scripting extension written in C and provide the players’ created content.