Windows 8 Crash

(I have sent Bug report for this but wanted to add further…)

I freshly installed Windows 8.1 Build 9600 in my Laptop, it has Net Framework 2,3,4 installed, nothing more. The Video driver for GMA 950 came with Windows 8.1 (which is newer than the one you get on the web).

After launching GD, it asked for permission for Firewall, which I denied (it’s not necessary, is it?), after it, it opens the Start page, and I create new Web project with one of the samples, and as it’s about to open Scene Editor and Event sheet (as it does ie. automatic switching to that tab), it crashes.

Do I need to install extra libraries or is this a bug?

That’s your problem. You need a proper graphics card, not Intel bullshit.

IBut GD worked fine in my laptop when i used to have windows 7 in the past…

Then maybe it’s a driver issue. Try downgrading drivers.

It may also be that Windows 8 is just being Windows 8.

Oh, just remembered one tidbit: Don’t know if M$ is still doing this, but in WinXP bundled video drivers were crippled to just support DirectX and not OpenGL (at all), which is what is being used by GD. As I said I don’t know if M$ is involved with such bullshit anymore, but it is quite possible. Either way, try installing manufacturer’s drive.

Hmm… that may be the case, I also have Unity installed, and I have found that Unity runs bit faster now (in win 8.1) than it used to in win 7…