Windows auto-installer game builds are overwriting each other on install


I have multiple Windows auto-installer game builds for different games, and only one can be installed on my computer at a time. What I mean is whenever I try to install a second game to my computer the new games auto-installer uninstalls my present game, and then installs my new game.

I was wondering if there’s a way I can have more than one game made with GDevelop’s build service installed on my computer at the same time?

Well that’s intentional, as people running another installer often want to update not have 100 versions in parallel. You can try to build to a zip instead of an installer, that way you can have them all in a folder.

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@arthuro555 thank you for the quick reply.

Yes, that should work. I was just hoping that there might be a way to update individual games with the ability to also install multiple different games at the same time. Could something like that be possible by building them manually? The reason I ask is because I already have one game for sale on as a auto-installer app. It’s not a big deal if it’s not possible since nobody has purchased it yet. I can just quick replace it with a zip.

I’d recommend the zip version as it works better with’s launcher I think.

@arthuro555 I don’t think this is intentional, or if it is it might be badly designed.

To clarify: If I make game A in 2020, and then make completely unrelated game B in 2021, Game B should not overwrite the install of Game A. This is currently the behavior John is experiencing, if I understand correctly. If this is intentional, then the build service is useless for anyone to make multiple games.

@John_Wienke do you have unique game names in the game properties? (Both the Game name field and the package name field) If those are the same, I’m pretty sure they will overwrite. Otherwise I don’t think it should overwrite, as far as I know.

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@Silver-Streak yes, I have unique game names in the game properties. I had been leaving the package name field as default since I’ve only been building for desktop, but I just tried changing them and got the same result. I have also tried changing the games version numbers, but I still get the same results.

Only the game name is used for create the folder of your game in

AppData / Local / Programs.

Can you tell us which folder name you have for your game in the directory ?

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@Bouh yes, right now the folder name says “health_32food”, but the game that’s in it has a different name.

If I uninstall the game using Windows “Apps & features” the games folder will disappear, but if I try to install a different game without uninstalling it first through “Apps & features” the folders name will remain the same. I hope that makes sense?

Either way it’s not letting me install more than one game on my computer.

That’s weird I know for sure I have at least 3 GDevelop games in parallel on my computer