Windows protected my PC!

Wait, what? why?

Have downloaded from the main website.

This file set Avast off as well; I just added it to ‘trusted’.

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Because this .exe is new, and Microsoft don’t know this app.
When a application like your favorite game is very popular this message don’t appear because the game (or app here) is like “validate” by Microsoft.

You can use GD safely, and if you have any doubts you can check the whole source code :wink:

More about this message here


Nothing to worry about, it is only that 4ian did not provide a signature “Unkown publisher” and so Windows only freak out because most viruses and malware is comes with no signature, but it doesn’t mean it is a virus. If you trust the source, you are safe to run it. If you don’t, but you want to, you can check at virustotal and make sure you don’t run it as administrator.
If you don’t know the source, you don’t trust it and you don’t even want to run anything, it comes as surprise out of nowhere then don’t run it.


Then, why Windows Defender has marked GDevelop as virus, specifically a trojan called FormBook? Is it because someone modified the code or GDevelop has malicious code knowingly?

Hello! Please don’t bump 2 year old threads in the future.

As far as your question, we won’t really be able to give you any guidance on Windows’ flagging rules. You would need to ask Microsoft.

GDevelop 5 is used by thousands (likely tens of thousands) people on a daily basis, and is a fully open source project. You are welcome to look at the source code, and even compile it from scratch, if you’re worried about malicious code: Issues · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub