[WIP] 3D2Sprite

Hi all!

3D2Sprite is a simple application I’m developing in AGK Basic for my own needs to make sprites from 3D models.
Of course there are some similar and better tools out there, but for Linux we got nothing apart from Blender but I need something more instant, easy and quick solution that also works on Linux.

It got very basic features and minimalist UI, it is not complete or polished by any means, there is plenty of rooms for improvements but it does the job what I needed for and I decided to share it in case someone else also need such a tool.

So what 3D2Sprite can do exactly?
You can load a 3D mesh in to 3D2Sprite along with it texture and animations, you can also set the color of ambient light and add some point lights, position them and finally capture the model along with animations on to images and use the images made this way as sprites to make a 2.5D, Isometric or 3D looking game inside a 2D engine such as GDevelop.

In case you are interested you can find more information and free download of the latest version here:

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


At first glance, the big problem is that I do not use 3D images and I do not know how to do it in practice.

A little advice to put some videos on YouTube, this program is viral in no time.

Sorry for any mistakes is the fault of the translator.

Well, there is nothing special about it. If you need a 2.5D or 3D look in your 2D game for example you make a top down view game or an isometric game but you don’t have the skills to do the sprites in a paint tool, you can simply just grab an actual 3D model if you have one and render it on to an image so you can use it as a sprite.

There is not much to show. I have included a pdf, there is nothing more I can tell about it.
If you mean show how to design your game levels with pre-rendered images in mind, the fact is, I don’t even know.

3D2Sprite and using pre-rendered 3D images in my game was nothing but an experiment on my part.
I wanted to make an isometric RPG game with some FPS gameplay in GDevelop but I don’t have the skills to make the art and because there is nothing like it on Linux, 3D2Sprite was born and I decided to share it and hoped people might find it useful. But tuned out, it completely useless as the images had to be huge to keep the detail which leads to extreme long loading times and also found difficult to manage the amount of images and objects in GDevelop so 3D2Sprite is no longer developed really. The only reason it still available for download because it still functioning and cost me nothing to share, but otherwise I’m no longer interested in it development. But thanks a bunch for your advice :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for your answer anyway you do not give up are on the right track.

Hi !

ddabrahim, i’m trying to find a video or the original demo realeased of the taurus project (or maybe it’ not the name of the demo you’ve made). It was a first person shooter simulator made with this program i don’t mistake, where the player hold a gun and shoot at taurus.

I’d like to show some friend what you 3D2sprite project can do with Gdevelop.

Thanks in advance.

There is a link at the bottom of the page:

Note that I’m no longer developing 3D2Sprite. I was thinking about to continue it development but there are better solutions on Windows. I started the whole project only because I was using Ubuntu at the time but there was nothing similar for Linux. Not very practical to be honest, but I’m glad if it turns out to be useful for some :unamused:

Thank you very much !

Full source is available now here: