WIP Bullet Adventure

hello for the past year I have been working on my first game demo. playable link below any feedback like how it plays is appreciated. thanks to the gdevelop community for helping me get this far.

arrow keys move (left analog) press Z (A) shoot or hold for spread shot
control pad support

note player takes no damage no collisions and HUD is missing.


forest pumpkin stage recolor

forest pumpkin stage recolor boss



The assets look great!
The game should be fun to play with the UI and collisions, I’ll wait for those elements before playing it.

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update added player health and platform collisions. would like to know if the difficulty is ok any feedback appreciated thanks.

Hey, that’s a really great start to the game. Not too tricky or difficult, but challenging enough to keep you on your toes. You’ve only got a few enemies, but used them really well and sparingly, avoiding the feeling of too much of one thing. And the parallax scrolling works really well.

My only gripe - the player can’t fire through platforms, but the enemy can. That’s just unfair.

Otherwise, a fantastic demo.

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It’s so cute, love the graphics and especially that bubble blowing flower. I managed to score exactly 0 each time, haha. And I accidentally pressed the shift key and then my character almost flew at top speed through the whole thing (that’s how I got to see the flower!). So was that a bug or a feature?

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ahaha thanks. the score is placeholder for the moment. shift key is for development to test the level quickly also p can pause and o resumes but those are not intended for players. there are a few features missing like scoring and enemies drop fruit when destroyed that player collects to activate a special attack.

hi I have updated my game demo and added a player score and damage now. also player collects fruit and when the toaster icon = 1+ press X key (B) to do a special attack that doubles score points :open_mouth: this is last update before I upload to itch so any feedback is helpful. thanks to @MrMen @Silver-Streak and the gdevelop forum for all the help!

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hello I have updates for my game I changed the art style and resolution as well as created more art assets for additional stages. updated my events and taking advantage of more extensions to make the demo better which will be one stage at the moment but maybe will add a dessert themed stage.

art update
titlescreen 320x180


dessert ginerbread enemy 320x180

extra stage concepts
theatre update stage side

arcade background 320x180

showground background rollercoster 320x180



Wow, I love the style. Is it possible to play/test the demo ?

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yes will have gameplay test and demo for feedback at some stage :sweat_smile: thanks for the encouragement!

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hi please take a moment to check out my new Bullet Adventure demo thanks so much!


Nice game, I’ve gave a good feedback (although I don’t know where it can be read).

Anyway, I would like to reply here as well:

I admit I like this game because its mechanics and graphic are very close to an old game (I’m a retro gamer).

Despite that, the game has a smooth scrolling, responsive controls and a beautiful sprite art. This demo is a good introduction to the final product, not too hard to complete, and allows to be familiar with the main character and the enemies.

I liked the idea of a straight shot and the spread shot, the one is not a substitute of the first because it’s lacks of a direct bullet, and this is an appreciated handicap; moreover, the spread shot avoids the game to be tedious against enemies that are unreachable with the straight shot.

The end level boss has a well done pattern.

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thank you for your awesome feedback! great to know people are enjoying the game. thanks to positive feedback I will be working on updates and a second playable stage.


UPDATE Bullet Adventure stage 1 and 2 are finished! please check out the update here


NEW UPDATE! :open_mouth: new arcade themed stage to play with boss and a few gameplay updates! any feedback welcome thank you!

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Wonderful updates. Compliments!

I have nothing to say, your game is flawless.

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