(WIP) Combat layout for my new project

Hi guys, I want to show you a mock up of the combat layout for my current game project. I came up with this concept by imagining the combat for the game which focused on swiping the character cards on mobile devices.
How the gameplay works: for the combat in this game there are two teams, player party and enemy party. For each parties there are the main position and secondary positions. Each parties still can have more than two members though.
At the beginning of combat encounter the characters in the main position both in enemy party and player party will randomize a set of actions. Those action set will be arranged on each character’s “time ruler”. As the time advances, those actions will be executed when the “time needle” have reach the specific action. Showing some visual effects to indicate if the character unleashing the attacks or taking them. Basically, all characters will execute some kind of special attack when reaching the final action of their action set on the time ruler.
Player can swipe left or right at anytime to change character in the main position. This is useful if the player after seeing the enemy’s action set, decided to make certain defender character to absorb/block the damage. However, by doing that, player will reset the action set and the time ruler for the previous character starting new action set and time ruler for the new character in the main position, also resetting the progression of the special attacks.
As for certain class of characters such as mages and archers the time ruler will pause and will continue when they are brought back to the main position. Also basically, actions for mages and archers are the “(spell/ammo name) targeting” and will proceed to attack at any positions.
The enemy AI can swap character too, reacting to certain conditions, for example: if the character in main position of player’s party is an archer the enemy will swipe to certain character in their party.
Also there will be certain actions that have some positioning effects, for example: a powerful swiping attack of certain strength type character will force the opposing party to swipe the character in the main position and freeze the position for a while, or position locking effect ability of a defender will force the “targeted” character to take the main position of opposing team whenever the defender character take the main position.
And lastly, the items in the bottom of the screen can be used at anytime by dragging them to specific allied character on the screen.
I will come up with playable prototype to see if the game fun or not, hopefully soon! Picture below is the mock up.


I’ve decided to make the prototype for the whole system instead


Thought I wanna share some progress…

This video shows how the player will move around the world and a little bit of the encounter system which is still in the making.

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