[WIP] Dice Demo

Greetings all, just downloaded Gdevelop a few days ago, tried to make a game with it:

Dice Demo

Already fixed a few things, and notice some quality of life changes that I made.
Needs a ‘game over screen’, and, ‘Win screen’ for reaching the giant treasure!
Not sure how much more i’ll add to the game.
--------Would be nice to add-----------
I want to add 3-4 Items to the shop
Balance out the Level curve a little bit.
Make the enemies harder / scale with you
Add a Magic skill, and Item that you can use.

Thank you for checking out my game!

update: added all those things, games done. simple little game I made to help me learn Gdevelop :slight_smile:

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Interesting idea! Good luck developing! =)

Great game, like those solo dice games I play on mobile, needs some polishing but very good. Thanks for making & sharing.