WIP - Jacks Or Better (Video Poker)

Hi GDevelop community!

I would like to share some pics of my “Jacks Or Better” poker game with you guys.
I’m working on this project since last December and now I believe I reached a stable and solid “mechanism” of the entire gameplay so, it’s the perfect time to share those pics with you guys and, hopefully, get some feedback from the community.

I know, i know… Images are not the best way to “taste” the project and that’s why I’m working on the first build of this “Jacks Or Better”, as we speak! :slight_smile:
I think I still be able to edit this thread later on and post a link of the project today.
Just remember: still being a WIP project at this moment, some sections of the game are still in development but the general and main core of the project is fully done so… may the fun begin! :slight_smile:

Ok, the pics now, top to bottom:
Pic1: the main menu view;
Pic2: still the main menu but now the player profile input (nick and avatar);
Pic3: gameplay; a Jacks Or Better poker hand in play;
Pic4: the Double Or Nothing minigame (the player can try to double his winnings playing this optional minigame);
Pic5: the Extras ingame menu, or a kind of achievements/rewards board.


_EDIT: DLink here, guys: Jacks Or Better | Build 01


Ok, just added the link for download (up there, first post).
Sorry the delay!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

:star_struck: Wow, that looks great! Kudos

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While I’m much more of a blackjack person, from a purely design point your game is better than a lot of the big poker games I see out on the net and on the google play store. Good work!


Thank you, guys!

Hey Silver! That blackjack input is a great ideia for a future GD project. Who knows? :slight_smile:

I have been working on some details here and the Achievements/Rewards board is now refreshed with a progress bar (by %) for each goal. It’s much better this way 'cause the player can now track down his game progress in a very dynamic way.
(Check it out the pic below).

Apart from that, my “To-Do” list now is all about adding some new menus/elements to the project/game.
A few of those are already done and under a testing phase; others are being created.
More news about all this very soon, for sure! :slight_smile:


Great to see your progress on this project! I’m looking forward to seeing the final product. Here are a few comments/suggestions: -The colours are a little bit on the bright side. Maybe consider toning them down a bit. -The layout is a bit cluttered. I would suggest simplifying it and using white space. -The font is a bit hard to read. I would recommend using a sans-serif font. Also, I’ve read that on www.ufabet.school that they are searching for games to buy for their casino. You could consider their offer to make some money. :wink: