[WIP][Multiplayer][Extension] Isometric MMO ALPHA Project - NodeJS and ColyseusJS

Made with GDevelop 5
NodeJS and ColyseusJS Framework

I builded this for testing purpose, test the gdjs lib and colyseusjs. And I’m very exited to make multiplayer more acessible and full configurable server rooms to build simple or complex games online.
Link for test this project: https://aserbiang-tk.herokuapp.com/ [I’m not working on this more]

Video for the first test


Incoming... Extension




First of all, good job! That’s a really cool demo, that must have been difficult to make.

Last time I checked colyseus wasn’t really worth it. Maybe I am wrong and it changed in the meantime, but if it is still just socket.io with authentification and matchmaking, I recommend trying something like geckos.io with firebase for authentification, as it should be faster (no unecessary code is running beside the server) and safer (firebase uses the same systems as google so you should be 100% safe with it).

Do you plan on opensourcing that game (and it’s server)? That would be really cool to show that GDevelop is really capable and help people that want to do something similar.

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Yes! Im building this for tests… I’m testing colyseus on heroku, looks greats. Easy setup and room creation, with a global state, easy to sync all clients.
I made all this game today. I’m making a better version and organized. Its easy to make.
I’ll make a OpenSource example with a movie… My english is not good, but i’ll try
Maybe i make a serie of videos using javascript with GDevelop
geckosio looks so nice, maybe i’ll use it


Awsome! Can’t say more good in Words :heart::heart::heart:


Extension coming… :hot_face: