WIP - My "Flappy Bird" kind of game

Hello guys, just wanted to show you a little bit what I’m working on, it’s some kind of Endless game where you have to avoid the enemies or “Waves”, I had the sprites done since a long time ago but I was struggling with the game engine, so in the end I chose GDevelop, and I love it!

Anyway, hope you like what I’ve been so far! I’ll release some day in Android and Steam.


It looks great so far!

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Game Update 2

Working on how later levels would look like, it gets messy!

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Here´s another update, I´ve been busy but here it is.


Another update!

I´m creating a behavior from my pink enemy and this Bug happened (I had it done already but lost the original file, I don´t know why)

Anyway, here it is, it looks fun though!

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The pink enemy is crazy!

Hehe, it´s not supposed to act that erratic, just one bullet here and there :smile:

Another small update, just added Clouds to the game!

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Another Update, I added Touchscreen buttons (the game will detect whether if you are playing from a phone or the PC)

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