WIP new clicker prototype concept

So. I’ve begun a new project. My first full one in GDevelop. I made some good progress today. Long way to go. There are several things i’ll need some help with from the wise sages among you. but for now, i’ve started my Minimum Viable Product proof of concept. No bells and whistles. you unlock next product as you get to a certain monetary spot.

still to do…
a lot -
but first, timed progress bars
decrease in money when upgrade purchased
buying autoclickers
a timer for when game is offline (thats a bit down the road)

Please, for the love of steve, forgive the graphics. Not even worried about that until like step 39.

Be gentle, it’s my first time.
I’ll let you all know the story pitch later, once i have all mechanics figured. Then, i’ll start to primp and polish

Thanks all and thanks to those that have already helped



Those links only works for about a week, consider uploading on itch.io or (my favorite) Gamejolt