[WIP] 'Palisades' DevLog 1 | One of the Hardest Things I've Programmed

Notice how the tiles light up in green, only when they’re connected to the King?

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Might not look like much, & there’s probably an easier way to do it…
…But good grief, this has got to be one of the most challenging programming feats I’ve pulled off in GD!
I’m just glad I’ve managed to tough it out. :nerd_face:


Bonus: Here’s a bit of concept art for my upcoming game. :art: :man_artist:


‘Palisades’ will be a medieval strategy war game, playable vs CPU or a human opponent.
It’s still early in the works, but stay tuned for the eventual release! :laughing:


@NT_exe :upside_down_face:

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Wow! That’s looks great! :smiley:
Glad to see such a progress you have already! :+1:
Cannot wait to see the full gameplay, do you working with AI already? :hushed:

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Thanks man! :laughing:

Not yet. I’m still working on programming the game rules.
There’s still a Lot of work to be done, before I can even begin on the AI. :sweat_smile:

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The colored tiles aren’t just for looks either.
It’s part of the territory system.

The idea is that units disconnected from their Captains become ‘Stranded’.
Stranded units can still fight, but can no longer receive new orders until the link is reestablished.

You can use this fact to isolate & partially disable enemy units.
Particularly useful for intercepting the enemy if they try to rush you in a straight line. :smiling_imp:


Oh that’s awesome! Keep fight with that! :+1:

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That looks great! I can’t imagine the time you spent to program that :grimacing:

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