Wired Xbox Controller is treated as a PlayStation one

I think I accidentally posted this in the wrong category last time, so I’m posting it here too because this seems like the right place to post it.

I’m currently trying to make the tutorial buttons on screen change depending on what controller you are using in my game, though when I try to test it with my wired Xbox controller, the buttons change to the PlayStation ones.

This is the code. The Xbox 360 bit was added as a test, which didn’t work.

I do not have either xbox nor playstation controller
I have many other ones
And as far as i tested them
It is not detecting them as either ps or xbox ones
It only allows me to refer their buttons as xbox or ps buttons
But maybe something is different for actual ps/xbox controllers?
So like we have face buttons (ones on the right under your right thumb)
I can either refer to button in event as ps X button or xbox A button and it will be same (bottom) face button on any of my controllers