!WISHLIST NOW! Miko Adventures Puffball page is finally on steam ❤

The day has finally arrived everyone :heart:
My dream game “Miko Adventures Puffball” page is officially on steam :heart:


If you like my game, please don’t forget to Wishlist the game so we can make the release of this game something epic and special on steam :heart:
I honestly need all the support that I can get from this awesome community :heart:
This time everything will happen with your support :heart:
Again please Wishlist if you enjoyed following my game all these years :heart::heart:

Thank you for always being here :heart:


Wishlisted :slightly_smiling_face:
edited: The game will have a .AppImage to Linux version support?

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wishlisted… always happy to extend support

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Looks really polished! Added to my wishlist and I’ll have a look once it’s released.

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@usernamer Thank you so much, yes I’m working on getting the game on Mac and Linux :heart:


Wishlist Now! or I’ll let go of BunBun and let him die :rabbit: … it’s your choice :thinking:
Steam page:



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