Without duplication of questions

It looks like you’re trying to use QuestionPic as both a question ID and random selector.

Question ID’s should be a unique variable that never changes.

I’d use a 0 value on the QuestionPic variable to trigger a RandomInRange(1, 10) expression and you can also set that as an action when questions are answered correctly - it should automatically trigger the randomization then without having to put the expression in again.

What is the Proceed variable intended to do and what’s the reasoning behind +1 for that one?

Proceed is to show the second scene.

If you don’t mind, can you write out how the codes will look like? I understand what you mean but it is a little difficult for me to write out the codes.

Do this…

Create a separate event line above where your questions start:

Condition: the scene variable QuestionPic is = 0
Action: Do = RandomInRange(1, 10) to scene variable Question Pic.
You can include your timers here too, I think.

The value for first question should be set to = 1 where you have 0 on QuestionPic.

That’s only a matter of editing that existing number value.

In the actions for every correct answer,
Do = 0 to scene variable QuestionPic.

I think you need a few more variables such as “done” for correct answers and to figure out a system of assigning unique ID’s to finish the filter. I’m sorry, but I can’t write all of the code out for it. Some things that I’m doing with my project is difficult as well even though I’ve been using GD for just over a year now.

I’ve tried doing these but it can’t seem to work.

Have you solved your doubt?

Have a look at this post:

That looks like a different issue from what Meddy is having here.

I guess he wants a random without repeat. Or not?

It should only be repeated if the person didn’t answer it correctly, I think. Otherwise, if the user answered right, the question shouldn’t be repeated. Your thread might help with part of the solution, but I still think this particular problem might be solved with a couple more variables.

I don’t know if the wrong answered question is called again or it’s counted as error.
Anyway, you are correct. At least part of his issue he can solve.
I think he should use 2 other variables. 1 for correct and 1 for wrong answers.
Thanks anyway!

I assigned a status to the questions that are answered correctly by the player and it is able to show another question that is not asked before. However, sometimes the game freezes when the correct answer is being selected and the next question doesn’t appear.

Is it possible if i upload my game over here and someone helps me to solve my error. I have been solving this issue for quite a while and it seems like theres no improvement or changes to it. Please help!

Please, do it to mediafire. It’s the easiest way and post the link.
Just don’t forget to create a rar/zip file with your entire folder, not only the json file.

Ohh thanks! Just curious, what is mediafire?

Google it. It’s a website.

Hi guys! Above is the game that I am having problem with. The game freezes or lack everytime a correct answer is being clicked. Anybody can help me to solve this issue? Thank you.

I have no time to chek your game right now, but at first, it’s messed up in a lot of points.
Why not, create object when you want it and delete it when you don’t, instead of put all of them in the game and use hide and show?

@Zutty, Does object creation and deletion have an overhead? The method of hiding and displaying is recommended in Unity, so I’d take a stab that doing the same in GDevelop would have some performance benefits.

I am assigning a “asked” status to each of the question that are answered correctly. If the first question is answered correctly, status “asked1” will be stored. And the second question will appear. I’ve placed “asked1” in the condition to create the same question asked for the second question to appear. So if the status is 'asked1", the same question will not appear again.

Hi, can you all help me to take a look at this game that i’ve created? it has a problem that when sometimes the player chose the correct answer, the next question doesn’t appear. The questions are randomnise such that when one of the question is asked as the first question, the question will not be ask in the subsequent questions.