[Workaround exist] Crashes/Corruption while multi-instancing (multiple projects.)

Whenever I decide to have multiple instances (multiple projects at the same time) of the program running everything is fine (to transfer code from one of my projects to another.) Every feature works as expected including autosave/saving. But when I go and close one of the two instances. The program gets corrupted and no longer works. (The project files are fine tho) I need to fully reinstall the program to continue working.
Here is a video of it. Where I open another instance and close it. After that, I install the setup file and everything is back to normal.
[Note: I do not temper with the file after the corruption. The installer just installs on top of it]

GDevelop officially doesn’t support multiple opened instances, you shouldn’t open two at the same time.

If I had to guess, I think it is a problem with the autoupdate. Try to install the latest version of GDevelop.