Working with maps created in Tiled

Hi there.
I’m barely new to GDevelop but I’m a developer since nearly 20 years now and wrote some smaller games in my spare time. Over the time I got more and more lazy so GDevelop is the right tool currently for me XD.

Currently I’m in the development of a small Santa platformer and has two questions:

  1. How can I refresh a map inside GDevelop which was just modified outside in Tiled? Especially for the case when I want to make changes, I didn’t moved the map to the project folder until I’m ready with a level. At the moment I have to close and open GDevelop again to see the changes in the map.

  2. I’m using the collision objects inside Tiled to make more natural collisions when it comes to bevel edges. But my little Santa is “hovering” over the edge a bit. How can I achieve that the collision is “pixel perfect”?

Thanks in advance for answers.

Hi there. I could at least solve my 2nd issue. It was all about the collision map of the Santa sprite ;-).

For #1, this is currently expected behavior. Resources are cached in GDevelop right now while it’s running. This will also happen if you modify resource images outside of GDevelop while it is running.

I believe there is some effort underway to make resources refresh (either via a button or whenever you change tabs), but I’m not aware of a timeline.