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I made a geography quiz for the full world. It has several modes and took me a couple weeks to make. I’m proud of it but also thankful because I could’ve never made this without the help of these forums.

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I recommend playing on our website, but the others work about just as well.

Hi GDTaco, you didn’t ask for feedback so not sure if you want any, but because I’ve played with a few geography quizzes in the past and have even made my own study maps by region with country names, I’ll comment a bit. Great job putting it all together. I remember you asked a question about clickable parts of a map etc, well done in getting it all working.

Have you considered making your map zoomable? It was difficult to see the shape of small countries in Europe, for example. I know that it’s difficult to find good quality hi res maps so understand any problems you’ve had with that. The CIA have good free maps but fully labelled though.

Does the quiz ask every country or just a set number? I didn’t know how long it was going to go for so quit it. I was also put off going any further in the quiz as there are so many Pacific island countries and I’ve never tried to learn them and kept getting them in the quiz. You could also have tests by region: South America, Europe etc.

I also tried the study mode. When I selected an incorrect country I didn’t realise at first I was meant to click it to go onto the next one. One thing I was looking for though, was to be able to click on the name of a country to display its name as an alternative style of study mode.

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That is a lot of great feedback thank you so much! I thought about doing a zoom able map but i ended up leaving it as is. I did make the hitboxes of small countries much larger to help, but if you don’t know that it doesn’t do much good.

It is supposed to be every country and i know the island nations are really hard ( even after making the game i still have trouble with some) but that i wanted to try and do every country.

I mostly did it for a school project. Thank you if i ever update it that will all be remembered. :innocent:

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