Would this work in this engine...? PDF Export

Hello! Have not been on here in a bit. anyway, I have been making some games, learning the engine. Overall I think I am getting the hang of it. However, I had an idea while using an expensive, non-intuitive bit of software at my work. Just thought I would see if yall think this would work or if I should build it differently

So, in my profession (screenprinting), we have to produce quotes. Pretty much, you take the cost of a product (in our case t-shirts), add costs such as time, consumables, number of location to be printed, profit margin, etc, and then give the customer a price quote. We have some software that does it, but it is pretty much just cobbled together code that makes no sense to the average user (you have to move back and forth between tabs over and over for each product, etc). I believe it was a excel sheet that they turned into a program and are selling for hundreds.

So, my question is, how feasible do you think GDevelop would work for this kind of program? The main thing I need to know is: Is there a way to take the data that I calculate and export it to PDF? After the quote is made, I would need a way for people to get the quote to reference, so a printout or PDF that can be send to the customer would be required. Is there a way to take data outside of GDevelop?

I know this is not he BEST option, but I already know GDevelop a bit, so if I can keep using it I will do that instead of having to learn a whole new program. Thoughts?

mmmm… i am not sure about that, is possible? YES all is possible if you put the time and sources, but you need know the variables, filters you need put and others to make a good sistem, that’s all i can informate, in personal I didn’t see similar request or posts like you…
Just i know JSON type file, but i can guaranteed PDF not is type to export file.

  • Take data outside, usually people use Firebase (Google)
  • Yep isn’t the best method, but if you have determination, i’m sure you gonna do good job!

Not really, unless you use JavaScript blocks. PDF are binary formats and GDevelop doesn’t has tools to process binary data. Even if it had, making a PDF manually would be very hard. Your program sounds not too hard to do in a programming language with pre-made PDF creation tools though, I’m sure you could hire a freelancer to make it for you for cheap.