Write to Disk error, black screen on preview

So I’ve been using Gdevelop for months with no issues. I brought a new pc yesterday, and downloaded the latest beta (which I’ve been using since it’s release) When I opened it, I got this error message: “An error has occurred during functions generation. If Gdevelop is installed, verify that nothing is preventing Gdevelop from writing on disk.” It went on to say something about the online app, which I’m not using so I left that out. Everything seems to work fine, I’ve been able to save projects, open previous ones, etc, but I get a black screen when I try and preview scenes. I haven’t included any of my events or anything because it does the same exact thing on the example projects as well. I’ve searched for a solution here and just on google, but haven’t found anything applicable. It’s likely not an issue with Gdevelop, as this didn’t start happening until I got the new computer. Hopefully somebody can help, this has been a very unproductive day haha. Thanks in advance.

This is likely the antivirus on the new computer STRONGLY disliking GDevelop. This can happen as GDevelop is not a signed application as it is in beta.

I would recommend seeing if it occurs with your antivirus disabled. If it doesn’t, you’ll want to ensure GDevelop’s install directory, and your project directory, are added to the exceptions of your AV.

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Thanks for responding so quickly! I disabled Windows Defender and I’m still having the same issue. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing, and I’ve even tried older versions but it’s been useless so far.

Sadly, I don’t have many ideas. You might try installing it while running the installer as administrator, and try launching the engine as administrator as well.

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No luck. I appreciate your help. This is pretty depressing to be honest, feels like the last few months are down the drain. Maybe it will work after the next update.

Try to whitelist GDevelop 5 into your Firewall

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That means that GDevelop cannot write temporary files to your PC temporary directory. Make sure your user has the permission to write there. If you are on windows, typing echo %tmp% in a cmd should let you know where that directory is.

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Thank y’all so much for the help. I ended up reinstalling windows and everything is golden! I’m ninety percent sure it had something to do with a stupid firewall setting, thanks Windows Defender. Haha.