xdk creating sidebars & user input

Hello, new user here. Thanks for anyone’s help.

My 2 questions are: if GDev’s screen is only 800x600, how can I make my app compatible with much bigger screens? Right now, my app has two white bars on the left and right hand side of the screen, and the content is smushed in the middle. Is there a way to make the screen flexible in size?

Is there a way to ask the user to type in input (a text string)? (For example, I have a game and want to ask the user to type in his name for the character.)

Thanks. I have a lot of questions for now, but hopefully in the future new users can read this and be helped by it.

Begin of the scene → Activate fullscreen: yes (keep aspect ratio: no)
Or you can do it like this:
Begin of the scene → Change window size: ScreenWidth() x ScreenHeight()

[url]Some improvements: Virtual keyboard on mobiles & preloader] I don’t know is that what you asked, but there is something about type character text on mobile :smiley: Here is another useful thing about typing: [url][Solved]how to use the text entry - #2 by Lizard-13]

Thanks, Jubeliuksen3! Both those tips work.