Xoccer - retro style soccer game

So the other day I played some AA title soccer game on PS but it felt stiff. Because I miss the old unrealistic fast soccer games, I decided to make one with GDevelop. Was planned to do in one day but finally took me some days.

Hope you guys like it. Feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

The X stands for the x in Pixel…

There sure are still some bugs and one which I don’t want to reveal now (call it a cheat). On the web build it is a little laggy sometimes. But I will work to increase the performance someday.

Someday I want to add local 2 player, team choice and a larger tournament mode.



been wanting to make something like this for a long time. Awesome job dude!

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Thanks, really appreciate your feedback! I know what you mean, rounding up the game at the end was really more like work than fun. But I had to finish it, otherwise it would end up on my PC until the end of times.

Thanks to you and hoepefully more plays, I will add more features later on.

yeah a world cup mode would be super cool. also maybe a little suggestion, a more zoomed out viewport might be nice

Here is an update with some new features:

  • 16 playable teams
  • some teams with individual specials
  • Worldcup mode
  • Mobile support
  • Unlock teams
  • Shoot power control
  • Change camera (viewport)
  • Some small improvements
  • … some bugs?

Appreciate feedback on improvements and bug reports.

Ideas for special abilities for every team are very welcome and will be credited.

Game still WIP!

Have fun and win the Xoccer cup a lot (to play the better teams :wink: )


These types of games aren’t really my thing, but I gave a go anyway. And it actually seems like a bit of fun! Probably because I shot at goal, tackled the opposition when they got the ball, shot again and scored. The UI is easy to understand, it’s quick to get into the game, the graphics are cute in a retro way. And it’s fun.

@virtualjoruney, you’ve done a really nice job on this :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your kind feedback MrMen!
If you had fun and it easy to use, I think my mission is done. I’m even more thrilled by knowing that you liked it even when it’s not your favorite genre.
Yes, letting the physics engine doing the work can really lead to funny moments in the game :smiley: