Y axis is inverted

For some reason. Gdevelop thinks that negative Y values are positive Y values.
whenever I want to change the Y chordate of an object, I need to subtract the Y value to go in the positive direction.
Gdvelop be like-

Can you show the events and the preveiw

This is intentional and is a product of JS using a left-handed coordinate system. It takes a bit of time getting used to but it’s not that hard. Just remember that math equations (ex. projectile motion) must also have their y flipped.

As Oddlaceguy mentioned, this is pretty standard in any web development, and in most development in general (not just JS):

As GDevelop uses PixiJS as it’s renderer, it’s going to follow the standards used by that renderer.

My bad. I just said JS because that is most commonly where the canvas is used.

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No worries, just adding clarity that it’s not language specific.