Yarn - drops last character from dialogue node

I’m not sure if this is a bug in the Yarn implementation or if I am doing something wrong.

When I import the dialogue from a Yarn node, it always seems to drop the last character. I can work around this by adding a space at the end of the text.

Does anyone else encounter this? I am thinking of reporting it as a bug.

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I also had this issue every time I wrote something with a “?” at the end of a sentence, didn’t found a solution for now. And I also added a space at the end. for now it solves that issue everywhere. But I’ll be happy to find a solution for that.

If you put some ||commands|| don’t put them in a line alone.
don’t do that:
||some command||
your text here

do it like that:
||some command||your text here

Cause the text will continue to run after the last sentence without replacing it. Don’t know if it’s a bug or the intended behavior to that case, but if you don’t pay attention to where you put your commands, that can break your dialog.

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Maybe worth pinging @blurymind as he has been adding Yarn extension to GDevelop.

Its a parser flaw. I can however catch it and at least prevent it from crashing your game

Please send an example project for me to test with and I will try to fix it.
Email blurymind@gmail.com

actually if you comment with a zipped attached project, I might be able to get a fix in with this pr

@southfog I fixed the bug where it drops the last character
@shibibd the lone command crash bug was fixed a while ago


can you retest this and if you nolonger have the bug, mark this thread as solved