Yarn: Lines of text merging together when using commands on the Yarn node

I have a problem with multiple lines of text merging together, when being called from “Go to the next dialogue line” action. instead of one line being called, multiple will. It will even call the last of text from the previous node referenced.

I found that this only occurs when there is a command written in the Yarn node: such as <<“avatar john”>>

To workaround this, I have used tags rather than commands to implement my character avatar function. This has meant more programming, but works.

Have you figured this out yet? I’m having the same issue, and I haven’t found any sort of solution to it. At the least, could you tell me how to do your workaround? I’m at a standstill with my present game because I need my code to call character renders, but obviously it’s not doing that.

Not sure why you use quotes inside the command tags.
Share with me an example json file or even a minimal game project and I might be able to help :slight_smile:

I just opened an old testing file and added the avatar call command in it to show what breaks.
Here’s the json file for any needed reference.

So, here’s my code and yarn nodes:

I have it set to where an old sprite is in the scene, running her idle animation. For testing purposes, I have it where after you choose the “hi” option, it should call for her to change to her running animation.

But it doesn’t do that - instead, it just ends up doing this.

On older projects, this used to completely break my game and wouldn’t let me continue - this one is allowing me to move on from it, though, but the character’s command still isn’t running properly. If you need anything else I’ll get it to you in as timely a manner as I can!

Hmm, I think that this happens because you are calling the command at the very start of the “Hi” node. Try calling it after some text

I will have a look at the example file and tryto figure out why its merging them. Thanks for sharing

Adding the command anywhere else in the node causes the same effect.

Thanks for trying to figure this out!

I created a PR that fixes this bug

hopefully will make it in gdevelop’s next release :slight_smile:
Bug was simple to fix, but annoying and noticeable. Thanks for reporting it

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Thank you for fixing it! That’ll make things so much easier.

it will probably be in release 90, unless it misses that release window :slight_smile: we’re at 89 now. 89 has some other yarn fixes. You might want to upgrade

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Alright! I’ll make sure my teacher knows to have the tech department update it for us. Thanks for all the help!

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no probs! Glad to hear gdevelop is being used in schools :smiley:

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