Yarn Problems: messy nodes and windows management

Hi, I love GDevelop and I think that Yarn is really a great tool.
Sorry for my English… :innocent:

I made a complex visual novel, so I’m using Yarn in a very deep way. I found a lot of small and big problems:

  1. when you save a Yarn file and then re-open it, nodes are messy (very frustrating).
  2. You can’t use Gdevelop and Yarn in different windows and you have to close and re-open. I don’t know why because one time I was able to do it.

So I am here to ask: will Yarn be update? I used Twine for months and I think Yarn can be better!
I’d like to have a discussion about his future!

Thanks in advance!


  1. What do you mean by messy?
    When I reopen an old project, my nodes are still nicely ordered:

  2. No, you can’t indeed, because the yarn editor is part of GDevelop. Just like Piskel, JFXR, and about any open window, you can’t use the GDevelop editor until you close the secondary window.

If bugs are found, they’ll be fixed, but I wouldn’t expect much in terms of updates.

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Hello and thanks for the reply.

Every time I open yarn the nodes are in a different position. Am I doing something wrong? Here are the images of when I save and when I load yarn.

Also, the Yarn window can get small (red circle in the lower left). What’s the meaning, if I can’t use Gdevelop?

Well, I see from your screenshots that the position is saved indeed, only one node is not at the right position…Why, I don’t know, maybe it’s the last one you added?
If you open your dialogue file in a text editor, you’ll see that the position and colour are saved:

Regarding the minimize/maximize/close buttons, these are standard Windows buttons, there is no meaning behind it.

Currently the problem occurs with two nodes but they aren’t the last ones added. I will post more pictures to help understand the source of the problem.