Yarn WAIT-command bug

It seems like there is a bug in gDevelop or/and Yarn. Yarn has an built in command called “wait”, which can be used to pause scrolling text for a short time.

In Yarn, it is used like this:

Because the wait command is built in (and is NOT a custom command) you don’t have to make any references to it in the gDevelop events. It should work automatically.

However, I had trouble getting it to work, even with the help of Worriedpixels (who was later kind enough to test if my bug was reproducible on his PC, it was), and soon I discovered that if I add an completely unnecessary (unrelated and unused) custom command event in my events, the wait command starts working.

Here’s a great example: I want to use the built in wait-command, but I don’t have any custom commands. I’ll have to add an event like this:

to bypass the bug. Note that I don’t have a command called “whoCares” and I don’t use it in any way. It just must be added to the project, because without some kind of an event condition which references commands, the built in wait-command WILL NOT WORK.

So, to make myself absolutely clear, to reproduce the bug, you must get rid of all events in your project (or maybe scene) that reference commands in some way:
All these type of commands need to be removed.

I think this wasn’t discovered sooner because most people, who use the wait command, use custom commands as well (and when a scene has an custom command condition, the wait command starts working)

This version of GDevelop is: 5.2.169

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