Yet another simple shooter

At link below U find result of my hard work :slight_smile:. Nothing complicated (really) but satisfying for me just because it works. I`ve made the “game” this weekend, just as an exercise with GD. I know it has bugs (major is collision system), but as newbie i have to share. Movement are WSAD, firing with mouse button.

Very cool! I like it.

Here are my suggestions:

You might wanna get rid of the smoke effect after a while. It seems that you’re not getting rid of it and it just stays there. Not sure if that was intentional.

It would look better if the bullets come from the tip of the plane or maybe even from the wings

Also, I really like the explosion animation. How many frames is that?

I liked effect of staying smoke - it reminds me smoke trails after FLAK shot :slight_smile:.
Explosion animation was taken from beginners tutorial - its not mine, and it have 27 frames. Next time i`ll try to do my own, with Blender maybe.

Ahh alright. Well then maybe animate the smoke that is left behind so it won’t seem static :slight_smile: Anyway good job on your game, keep making more so you can challenge yourself! Don’t worry about using other people’s art too much so you can focus on making and improving your games :wink:

You’d also would want to fix shooting sound, it comes from left speaker only for me.

Like the graphic of the game.
Can you share the source of your game so others newbies can learn something from it?

Hi, and sorry for long response time.
Of course I can share source - in attachment U`ll find .gdg file and graphic resources. It was made with Inkscape and Gimp - feel free to use it. All “code” was taken from tutorials within this page.

@Darkhog - about sound issue: in .ogg file used i hear sound from left channel only too, UFO`s explosions are correct so I have to find another sound file for shoot. (162 KB)