Yoohpey World - New Multiplayer Game

Hi everyone!
I’m Nephew, aka DJ Yoohpey!

After many months of work I’ve released the book of Yoohpey World, an interactive app with stories and an online game, powered by the THNK extension.

Many thanks to @arthuro555 for the extension and to the whole GDevelop team of contributors for helping make our dreams become real!

The game can be found at www.yoohpey.co.uk and will soon come to Google Play, Apple App Store and Steam.

More exciting features are planned to come in monthly updates!
Hope you will enjoy!


Hi everyone, again,
As promised I come with a link for Yoohpey World on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yoohpey.yhpworld

And in the future I’ll come with links for Apple App Store (it takes more time to be published), for Microsoft Store (it’s more complicated because unfortunately GDevelop doesn’t have one click export for .apx yet and I have to do it manually) and for Steam (I just need time to split myself between school and work as many of you).

I know probably for many (most) of you, this matters less. You have more important personal or other things to worry about (end of the world) but for me as a teen it’s important to have this sorted out (before the end of the world). More exactly to find my path in life and be able to offer the same thing to others, if they want. This what Yoohpey is all about!

Thanks anyway to everyone who may read this, especially for those who liked it! And good luck to all of you with your game projects!