You cannot declare globals for groups

Hi, I found some minor issues with the new variable declaration system.

I have a group that contains all the enemies. If I choose to use an undeclared variable for this group in the actions, it is flagged as an error and turns red (which might be okay, though it seems a bit excessive).

The problem is that the button that leads to the variable editor is… greyed out! Basically, I cannot use or declare it. I resolved this by declaring it for a single enemy and then changing the name…

This might be correct for how the new system is designed, but it seems counterintuitive.

I think it was already this way before the change? To access variables from a group, all objects in the group need to have that variable.

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Maybe, but previously it wasn’t flagged as an error. It’s normal that in a medium or large group of objects, not all have the same variables.

I understand the logic of keeping projects organized, which is also useful for debugging, but I think a less restrictive approach is needed.

Instead of marking it in red, I would use orange or other indications, so the programmer knows that the action might be incomplete.

No it wasent.

You could give a group of objects all an undeclared variable by doing it just like that.
Now you cant.

I mean, it still works even tho its giving you an error, but if you assume that they will change it so that undeclared variables stop working, then might as well pretend.

This post made me realize just how bad this update to variables really was.

I use stuff like this all the time to give groups of enemies health variables and things of the sort.

Im sticking with version 5.3.201 from now on, and if they never change, then oh well, no updates for me.

No feature they could ever add in will ever make up for this nonsense.

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I believe there are some interesting ideas (combining strings, booleans, and numbers makes everything faster).

However, the system should be more flexible. I like knowing if a variable is declared or not, but flagging it as an error is a bit too much, as it can be quite confusing.

I’m sure it will improve soon, though.

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