Zoom and Scroll Scene without lost image or camera view?

How can i do Zoom for example 100% And scroll the scene without move the instance objects, but move like camera? or anything what go to zoom to direction to the object

When i scroll he move the image and the area of camera keep stopped (using mask, gray area) don’t zoom to object

Zoom is in Layers and Cameras → Change camera zoom. A value of 1 = 100% zoom, 0.5 = 50% zoom 2 = 200% zoom etc.

To move the camera you can use either:

Layers and Cameras → Centre camera on an object - Which is good if you want to follow just one main character for example.


Layers and Cameras → Change camera X position
Layers and Cameras → Change camera y position

Which is what I use nearly all the time.

What? i’m saying of in Scene not in game ‘-’

Create a new project the size is 800x600, click at MASK, and put an object out of view of camera ( Gray area ) i need to zoom it to the object with the scroll Like in photoshop or other programs, but without move my “content” in scene

If you mean you want to highlight an area of the scene editor, why not just drop you own solid colour block where you want the highlight to be (and put it on Z-Order = 1 or the lowest layer)? I can’t think why you want to do this though? :confused: