1 Click Pack option

I was hoping if we get a 1 click pack button option in the engine. Where if you press that button all the assets will pack into the project file. And in the Resource option, we cant select multiple resources object where we need to Remove multiple resources at the same time.
I found a similar feature in Blender (3d modeling software) its called Packing.

To clarify some: A JSON file is just that, a JSON file. It is a defined filetype that has restrictions/limitations. You aren’t going to be able to pack anything other than JSON code into the file.

There is a chance of sprite atlases (some of that may even come with the tilemap extension being worked on) at some point.

Additionally, When you actually compile your project, all of the assets do get put into a few files, though. I don’t know that there is a large benefit of packing your files before compiling, though.

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Basically what you are asking for is an option to zip your project folder. Just use 7zip or something like that.

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I am afraid that I didn’t explain that properly
Actually I was saying to add a button for packing assets to 1 project file.
Suppose If you make a game and share the Project.json to another computer and open it you will see resource not found error.Similar this image.

The solution for that is you have to send the whole project folder with assets to another computer.
And I was asking for a system where you can compile all assets to that project file . So that when you share the Project.json to another computer you will not see the resource not found error.