1) Read part of text box? 2) Restrict to 1 letter?

I am creating a word search generator. I have a fair idea on how to program it but wanted to see if I could short cut some areas.

  1. Is it possible to restrict text entry so that the person can enter only x amount of letters?
  2. Is there a way to recognize PART of a text entered? e.g. If the person enters ‘dog’ can I create a condition that reads 'if the first letter of text = x?", 'If the second letter of text = x?" etc. I can make a version that makes the person enter a word one letter at a time but it would be smoother if they could enter the entire word and then I can program for each letter entered off that string.

:confused: (my ideas are always bigger than my abilities hahaa)

Maybe you can do it like this:

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EasyPagesController is the text entry object. EasyPagesTextbox is where the user will type the characters. If the EasyPagesController is activated, if the number of characters is <= 3, then reflect the contents of the EasyPagesController to the textbox. If it is more than 3, copy the contents of the textbox to the text entry to ensure that they have the same contents.


What was done here was to copy the first character in the textbox (SubStr(EasyPagesTextbox.String(),0,1)) to a variable. 0 is the index (first character) and 1 is the number of characters. If you want to get the 2nd char., use SubStr(Textbox.String(),1,1)

Thank you that worked brilliantly! Saved me coding each one out manually for the next 150 lines :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you