1 vs 1 ? Please Help

hello guys i need help
Does anyone know how I can create a 1 vs 1 so that the player and opponent automatically take turns fighting without magical things, only sword combat, would it be possible for someone to create an example for me?

(other game mode)
and in the survival round the infinite opponents come and the player has to fight until he loses you know what I mean :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

You could toggle a boolean variable like something named “player1Turn,” when it’s true player1 will attack, after the attacking events have finished the final event will toggle the variable such that player2 only executes when player1Turn is false, which in turn toggles the variable again. Thus you could have a back and forth. I assume you would also want to use wait events so all of this isn’t happening instantly, you could also check if an animation is on its last frame.

Make sure to include a condition that checks if one of the players is dead so that the back and forth doesn’t continue infinitely.

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