1st Person Game

Hy, how can i create a frist person game in Gdevelop?

If you mean first person as in something like Myst where you have a static 2D rendered image, you would just add your image as a sprite for the background, and then add small objects for interactions. The interactions would be whatever you decide via events.

If you mean “First Person” like Wolf 3D, Doom, or more modern games like Destiny. At a high level: There is no out-of-the-box method for this. You cannot.

GDevelop is a 2D game engine. 3D is not a goal of the engine, nor is it on the roadmap for the engine. Some users have done some experimentation with basic 3D, but it is fully custom, requires a lot of math, and is not something supported by the engine itself. If you’d like a 3D engine that offers other no-code solutions, I’d recommend something like CopperCube.


Yes, how can i do it?

Yes what?

As mentioned, you cannot do 3D first person.

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Something like old first person rpg’s like “Eye of the Beholder” could be totally doable, and not too much difficult, but nothing directly out of the box.


Yeah, that’d be feasible. Although in Eye of the Beholder’s case, they made a unique image for every room and laid them out (in EOTB1), in the sequel, they set up unique images for each type of wall (left wall with no opening, right wall with no opening, left wall with opening, etc) and then laid those out based off some logic.

Definitely doable, but not 3D, and requires a lot of time and effort on the creator’s behalf.

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Yeah, how can i create a rpg game in 1st perosn?

Probably never.
I do not want to insult you, but creating something like this requires a lot. You need to be able to think out of the box and come up with solutions to problems, you just would not have in a 3d engine.
It has been done many times in the past, and if you really want to, you can research many sources.
But I suspect that you would not be capable of doing so, judging by the fact that you never said anything specific and none of you post where more then a single sentence.
No offence, i just want to make clear to you that you need experience. Start small, get familiar with the engine and do bigger projects later, especially non standard games like 1st person.


i feel so bad for these people saying he cannot make a game in 3d. there is a 3d extension made by pandako, look up his tutorials if you want to make games in 3d. to the people telling you he cant, stop

This thread was from 2 years ago, when 3D features and extrensions were not available in GDevelop. At that time, Pandakos extensions and the new 3D features in the next release of GDevelop did not exist.

Please do not resurrect old threads and comment on them when those comments are take the thread out of context.

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