2 Player Local Game

Is there a Way to make a game where two people can play on the same computer or console using GDevelop
if there is, then how do you do it?

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In local, there is nothing you have to do differently from a single-player game.

Single-player = certain input controls character A
Two-player = some other input controls character B

It’s all the same logic but with two objects instead of one.

Something like this simple example uses the FollowObjectsWithCamera extension. I setup it up with the same idea as what Per described. gd.games game build

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I tried this once but the controls would mess up, I’ll try again maybe I messed something up

you can do this by designing your own game. Set up the control like the keypad control for each player.

If you want to use the built in just turn off the default controls and make them whatever you want.