2 Player With 1 Keybaord [SOLVED]

I Want To Make A Game With 2 Players With 1 Keyboard

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Make two sprites, one for each player. Add platformer/topdown movement (depending on which one you want) to both of them. Then, use the behavior remapper extension on one of them, and press apply. Then you have two characters that are controlled by WASD and arrow keys!

Thank You Very Much This Helped Alot

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Your welcome! Glad I could help.

As a general warning, keep in mind that many keyboards do not support more than 4 keys being pressed at one time. This will make it very difficult (if not impossible) to have two players using directional controls+action keys at the same time.

What’s worse is that there’s no standard. Some only support 3 keys, some support 7, some support 3 keys + 2 function keys (ctrl/alt/etc), some support unlimited. You can see what your keyboard supports by going here and trying to hold multiple keys at once to see the limits. https://keyboardchecker.com