2 sounds playing together

I’m trying to have 2 very short sounds played one 0.1s after the other. They do overlap as the first sound lasts more than 0.1s. The problem is that they never play together. One is interrupting the other. Sound 1 might cut sound 2 but sometimes it’s sound 2 cutting sound 1. So how to have the 2 sounds together?
More generally , even one sound alone by itself sometimes bugs. It’s cut short.
I read the forums. So yes it’s preloaded, in wav format, very small size.

Just to clarify, I do not know if the experts that know the most about this game making app understands the goal here. But just to clarify something that is very important,

2 very short sounds played one 0.1s after the other.

Does not mean


If one thing goes after another, like 1 person goes after another to get school lunch, those 2 people are not “together”

If there 1 apple is next to another apple, that is also very very different from after another thing

I think and guess that this part is clear enough to regular people and pretty much anyone: “trying to have 2 very short sounds played one 0.1s after the other”

And that one of the many problems there are is this: “do overlap as the first sound lasts more than 0.1s”

It sounds like your goal is to have sound and audio

play as a whole with no problems

or having the sound play in sequence* with no problems

I guess what was meant was playing in sequence… together" but i dont know, i’d wont use the word ‘together’ in any of this technology, science, or really any stuff. Because it’s a vague and unclear word, that is not specific or even very specific.

There doesn’t seem to be any context in which ‘together’ would be clear enough. When two apples are ‘together’, does that mean next, does that mean after, or does that mean any of the 1000 or more other possibilities? Something does not mean anything when its unclear., and not fully and completely explained. When 2 friends are ‘together’, that also isn’t very specific for similar reasons and causes

When different people are separated into different countries and different societies due to disparity, fragmentation, and dispersion, and due to different culture and many cultural differences, those are separate societies. But when they come together into the same society, I don’t know if I’d ever say they’re together… But I don’t know if there’s ever any context in anything where ‘together’ (by itself) would ever be specific or clear especially in this kind of usage like ‘2 sounds together’

It’s just one of those various words that doesn’t have any real or (cant think of a better word) meaning, kinda like how ‘object’ and other words are right now (they don’t have any real or consistent meaning), and as such, words that do not have any form of consistent meaning do not actually have any usable or useful or practical meaning that can be understood by pretty much anyone. And thus words like that would not be understandable, as they have no meaning, and can’t actually be understood in any real or meaningful way

Using specific and clear words and explaining things fully, especially with technology and geek stuff like coding and related, is very important

But the goal seems to be to have the sounds play as a whole with no problems

And the example is 2 pieces/part of audio, one after another. Audio people probably have very technical wording to describe what has just been said in plain common english, that anyone likely should be able to understand

Felt the need to make this clarification above


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I think you could use the play sound on channels and play each one on a different channel. Are they always going to be played like that? Maybe you could mix the sounds using another app into 1 sound file and just play 1 sound.

I tried different channel.
Yes I will try mixing them in one sound…

Start a timer “sound 1” when the first sound plays on channel 0.
When timer is greater than 0.5 seconds play sound 2 on channel 1?

thanks, that’s what I did. It doesn’t work. Playing sounds at an exact time is a bit buggy in gdevelop. Even when the sound is already in cache it doesn’t play right away. If a second sound needs to be played 0.1s later for example, it will either not work or stop playing the first sound. No matter the channel.