2D raycasting

Could you add possibility to utilize 2D raycasting? This would be very useful e.g. for cliff detection or when setting up enemies’ field of view.


Hehe, nice job missing the point. There is no way to do 2D raycast in GD now so this is FEATURE REQUEST, not POST ASKING FOR HELP.

I was just showing how this can easily be accomplished anyway, in case you wanted to do it. And if you don’t want to do it, why ask for the feature? :confused:

Yeah, I’ve seen your example. Is kinda hackish, I want clean solution.

Please Darkhog, don’t be so hard with others members. :neutral_face:
The point is that you can actually find solution to do raycast by yourself using events, and that’s the goal of the Game Develop: with the events, you should be able to do pretty anything, and that’s not necessarily hacks (events are compiled to native code or JS, they are as powerful as extensions).

Next time, if you don’t agree with someone, please thanks them anyway for the help. We’re a community, you shouldn’t write using capitals like you did or tell people that they did a “nice job missing the point”, that’s really offensive. :neutral_face:

So thanks Mats for the answer, even if it’s not exactly what Darkhog wanted, it’s a good point to start implementing raycasting. :slight_smile: