2d Rocket League remake

i might have posted this on a different account but i cant find it now. i need to make a working 2d side view rocket league game, similar to the one made by MagmaProd using Unity: Scuffed Rocket League by MagmaProd. I want to make this in gdevelop because i think once i have this base functionality in, i can do a lot more like maybe networking and replays. can anybody help me create a basic game with this same functionality? i have already tried physics2 but the rotation is wierd with the boosting and the car flies way to fast and randomly.

Actually, the physics behaviour is the way to go. So, if im correct, you want to make a game like the official 2d rockect league? The car would fly too fast because the force is set too hight, and the rotation, well, depends on how you set it up. Anyways, post your events so i can see why it behaves weird.

just to be clear, i dont want to recreate the official one, i want to make the one linked in the original message up top

nevermind, tried a little more and got it to work, using rotation and movement speed limiter extensions
heres the link if you want to see